In 2006 I was working in a Finance job in London’s City and looking for an activity that would both keep me fit and act as a stress outlet.  One evening after a long day at work I left the office and walked straight into a Bikram Yoga studio across the road. I knew nothing about hot yoga, nor did I plan to try it.  No booked class, I just showed up. It was an impulse, I was hooked instantly and never looked back.

Over the past 10 years many things have changed but yoga has always been my steady companion. Since 2010 I have brought into the world two wonderful children and been through a number of moves and international relocations. I lost a person that I loved dearly. Throughout all of this change, yoga has been a very constant presence in my life. My practice has been a very personal place of growth, stability, a sanctuary and an essential life tool.

I have practiced Bikram, Hatha, Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa flow and I found my yoga home with Fierce Grace Yoga – a yoga system based on fusion of all of the above styles. Naturally, after years of practice the time arrived when I felt the need to take my love for yoga further. This led me to Fierce Grace teacher training. It was a privilege to trained by legendary Michelle Pernetta and her team of senior teachers. I now enjoy teaching and meeting new students, however I still embrace every opportunity to be a student myself.

I look forward to continuous learning and sharing what I have been taught with with others. Yoga really is for everyone – no matter what shape or size you are, if you’re flexible or not, young or old, no matter wether you’ve lived a life full of vices or have been clean eating ever since you’ve learnt how to say quinoa. I hope I can help someone else out there embark on their own yoga journey. I love yoga, music, art and dancing and I will be sharing ad hoc posts, thoughts and photos (and maybe a song now and then!) on the blog here. So, stay tuned people!