Have you ever seen somebody cry during their yoga practice? I have, last week and a couple of times before that. In fact, it happened to me some three years ago. It was during one of those usual, busy classes and as I (more…)




I came across this article during the training last week and thought it’s worth sharing here as it exposes very rarely talked about aspects of yoga teacher – student relationship. I suppose a lot of this can be applied to many teacher – student, and mentoring relationships. There is definitely magic happening during the exchange, learning and growth, but when does it move into something else and where is the line between healthy and dependant/abusive. Interesting read! Would love to hear your experiences and thoughts on this. 


Friday 18th of March, 2016. More than half way through the yogateacher training; 13 days to go.

Since the start of my training course I’ve been waking up at 5am, leaving home early and coming back around 8pm on shorter (more…)

I received a reading list by FG training team a couple of weeks ago and I am working my way through it as preparation for my teacher training. One of the books on this list is ‘The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’ – Translation (more…)


Everyone, meet Paul!

Paul entered the yoga studio this morning and put his mat next to mine. We practiced in silence for just over an hour, after which I think we both nodded off for a couple of mins in our savasanas! (more…)