Those of you who know me, know how much this place means to me. It’s a home, retreat, filled with good memories. I have been doing a lot of summer open air practice there over the past 2 years, set against some truly  (more…)

Early this morning this song came up at the end of my practice as I was lying down in Savasana. It pretty much resonates with how I felt at that very moment, so I thought I should share it and maybe add a couple of words about (more…)


First post here and I will keep it short. I am preparing for my teacher training at the moment and have been doing so for some time. It all kicks off on 1st of March.

Lately I have stepped up my practice big time. At the moment I am aiming at 8×90 minutes classes a week. There are a lot of side effects of this sort of exercise regime. I could compare it to Bikram yoga 30 days challenge I did and wrote about a couple of years ago. If you’ve missed it then and want to have a look or you are considering doing the challenge yourself – here it is: 30 Days of Mind over Matter. You’ll notice that I have never writen the Day 30 post. This is probably because at the time I did not want it to end and I guess, in a way, it never did.

So, right now I am used to the heat and long past the post exercise aches and pains, which is great. My body is opening fast, it’s incredible. In the meantime I am doing a lot of reading, self-exploring and analysis with help of some amazing people (You know who you are if you are reading this. Thank you!). I am discovering things about myself I never knew before (ok, maybe on some level I suspected some of these existed but I never dared going to that side before). Change. A truly amazing time.