You want to shout to the rest of the world how much I made you stretch/sweat/relax…? Have you been to one of UNAYOGA Retreats and you would like to share your impressions?

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I had always wanted to try yoga, but never really found the time and convenient location to do so as I was always busy at work and was not sure where to look. Coincidentally, I was very fortunate that the company I work for recently proposed to offer corporate yoga classes at the offices, and happily jumped at the opportunity to finally try it out.

I was really impressed from the beginning as I noticed the benefits rather quickly. After the first couple of classes, I already experienced improvements in my sleep quality as I began waking up in the mornings feeling more rested. Apart from also feeling physical improvements, particularly in terms of flexibility, there has been a noticeable effect on how it also effectively aids stress management.

Overall, the classes are never boring (if compared to just working out at a gym, for example) and very engaging. Given the various physical and mental benefits that I have experienced, I would recommend practicing with Una to anyone!’  – Silvia, June 2017, Switzerland


‘I personally struggle to express in words how wonderful and relaxing the entire UnaYoga experience was at the retreat in Oprtalj, Istria, Croatia 2016.

I arrived stressed, tired, a day late and late in the evening to the venture and joined a most varied and mixed group of women for dinner that evening and left with new friends just days later. The age group was mixed, the food was amazing, recipes exchanged and the hospitality was impeccable. The daily yoga sessions were both educational and inspiring to a mixed music soundtrack and during the days you had the opportunity to truly rest in cosy, quiet surroundings with an opportunity to explore the remote beautiful surroundings – the location, specifically chosen by the hosts, provided a real sense of peace. Their patience and understanding of my needs was not overly imposing, nor were we overly scheduled each day, you were able to chose how healthy or active you wanted to be. It was the first time in a very long time that I truly stopped to be mindful, really listen to my body and opened my eyes to the scenery around me. 

I would recommend an UnaYoga retreat to anyone who wants to momentarily step out of the rat race and recentre themselves and think clearly again. I’m already checking my availablity as I would return to an UnaYoga organised event in a heartbeat.’ – Jo, London (UNAYOGA Retreat Summer 2016)


‘I took yoga classes with Una 3 times so far and should say that I was really impressed. I did give yoga a go few times before but it didn’t stick mostly because of lack of challenge. With Una I really enjoy the classes and would love to be able to do it more that once a week. The poses and stretches are diverse, not repetitive (unlike, say, fitness classes) and are targeting all major muscles. 1.5 hours fly by very fast! I find a lot of exercises quite challenging but achievable which makes it fun. And I love feeling of lightness and stretchiness after the class! Looking forward to the next one, see you there, Una. X’ – Elena, May 2017, Switzerland


What an amazing experience! This was the first time I went to a yoga retreat and I enjoyed sharing my time and experience with  yogis from different parts of the world. The retreat gave me an opportunity to reevaluate my practice and take it further to a new level. I highly recommend it both for advanced students and beginners, as everyone received the support and guidance they needed. And last, but not the least – great teachers,  knowledgeable and experienced!’ – Dijana, Croatia (UNAYOGA Retreat Summer 2016)


Una is an inspirational and valuable addition to the Swiss yoga community! She teaches Fierce Grace yoga, a powerful and interesting practice type worth exploring. I totally recommend her class in Zug, Switzerland!’ – Taty, April 2017,  Switzerland


I used to play football professionally but had to quit due to several ligament and knee injuries. Practicing yoga has really helped strengthen my knees and it has massively contributed to my overall wellbeing. Una can really motivate you to work hard but she is also very patient and it’s been a pleasure to be her student. Thank you! ‘ – Nick, December 2016, London, UK